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5 Car Features You Will Love

17 August 2021 AutoMarket, Tips & Advice

Shopping for a new car can be difficult with so many options and features to choose from. What are the features that you should really look out for? Here 5 car features to begin with.

We all want something that is adaptable, fashionable, and comfy but also practical with features such as good gas mileage. It's incredible how quickly vehicle technology evolves. We all know that cars have a significant carbon footprint, therefore engineers across the world are working to develop new ways to mitigate this while also making the road a safer place. These favourable adjustments represent a significant step forward.

Here are five car feature innovations that you will surely love:

Blind Spot Detection Feature

This aids lane changes by providing a live image of the vehicle's blind areas on both sides, as well as an auditory alert if another vehicle is detected. Other system limits apply, including the need to activate the turn signal.

However, don't rely solely on the blind spot detection functionality. It is the driver's responsibility to be aware of his or her surroundings and to make sure they are clear before changing lanes or directions. It is the driver's responsibility to maintain constant vigilance.

Driver Attention Monitors Feature

Driver attention monitors can be beneficial since they use sensors to identify distracted driving and monitor the driver's behaviour. They may also identify drowsy or irregular driving movements. The driver is encouraged to take a break or pay attention by an auditory or visual alert, which can inspire everyone to be on their best driving behaviour.

There are several additional sorts of sensors that can bring critical information to the driver's attention. They are:

  • Warnings about lane deviation
  • Detecting pedestrians
  • Traffic sign recognition
  • Rear cross-traffic alarm

Automatic Emergency Braking Feature

For everyone who wishes to remain independent, an automobile accident can be devastating. Not only may it lead to expensive automobile repairs that are difficult to afford on a fixed income, but it may also lead to injuries that prevent your loved one from driving again, as well as the loss of their freedom as they know it.

Emergency braking can provide you peace of mind while also preventing you from being involved in an automobile accident. The car can be warned of an impending accident with another vehicle or a pedestrian with the use of forward-facing and rear-facing cameras, as well as a radar system. Rather than warning the driver and depending on their reaction time to make the stop, the car automatically engages the brakes.

Adaptive Cruise Control Feature

If you have a loved one who enjoys taking road trips or who lives outside of town and frequently drives on the interstate or highway, knowing they have adaptive cruise control will make you feel better.

This feature allows you to engage cruise control as usual while still keeping an eye on traffic in front of the vehicle. If the car ahead of you is traveling slower, you'll have to slow down to keep a safe distance between the two of you. In stop-and-go traffic, some versions of this technology will even stop the vehicle and restart it, so you won't have to worry about whether or not your loved one is paying attention to the flow of traffic as they should.

Night Vision Feature

Although night vision is not available on all automobiles, it is available on select models, and it is likely to become more popular in the future.

This feature is beneficial for every car driver because seeing in the dark becomes increasingly harder as vision deteriorates. Night vision employs thermographic cameras to keep an eye out for things that are difficult to see in the dark, such as pedestrians, animals, and other vehicles, presenting an image of what's ahead with a heat signature on items on or near the road to avoid.

Everybody will have to hand over the keys to their vehicles at some point, but we may not have to do it as soon as we think. Ensuring that your loved one is driving a newer vehicle with advanced safety features, may be able to help them stay on the road for much longer.

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