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Motor Matcher is an online car classified website - where you can buy and sell cars, get access to the latest news in the car market and find useful car tips and advice. 

To sell your used car on Motor Matcher, you will need to register first, or login to your existing account. After that, just click on Sell A Car and it will direct you to a page where you will need to provide certain details of the car you're selling. Simply enter the make of your car, the model, registration year, and the variant then proceed to find my car. If the car result matches, you can now create an ad for your car for your potential buyers.

When buying a used car, the below is the due diligence we suggest you take to check all the boxes and ensure you don't end up with a lemon:

  1. Check whether the car is really registered to the seller. Check whether the registration and the licence match.
  2. Check the vehicle's compliance plate.
  3. Compare the engine number, VIN number, date of production, and number plates with those on the registration documents.
  4. Check with the seller if a Certificate of Roadworthiness is provided (in some states this is mandatory).

There are a handful of things to look out for when buying a used car such as the following:

  1. How much is your budget?
  2. Your need and lifestyle?
  3. Check for safety and security features, especially if you're buying a family car.
  4. Insurance costs.
  5. Check for the car's fuel consumption.
  6. Check for your State's regulations on used cars.

Here are the things you need to do before selling your used car:

  1. Determine your car's worth by checking with valuation services and insurers.
  2. Make sure your car is in great condition.
  3. Check whether you need to provide a roadworthy certificate.
  4. Make your car presentable. Give it a good clean and take great photos.
  5. Ensure the paperwork and necessary documents are ready for your potential buyer.

Sell you car online in Australia through Motor Matcher. Skip all the hassle of having to deal with buyers, scheduling appointments, conductingtest drives and handling numerous enquiries. With an online classified like Motor Matcher, you leave all the legwork to the experts to help them find the best buyer for your car.

Buy a used car in Australia through Motor Matcher. We have partnered with reputable dealerships in Australia that provide quality used cars at an affordable price. We have a selection of different car makes and models that answer to your needs. Go to Buy A Car section and refine your search by choosing your desired car.

With Motor Matcher, it's free to advertise your car online!

We offer different car financing options for your desired vehicle.

Yes, a car needs to be registered in Australia, whether it's a new one or pre owned. It is mandatory to have a valid Rego in Australia and you can only obtain it when your car is registered.

Motor Matcher is a platform where individuals/dealerships can buy and sell cars. We don’t buy cars directly.

Motor Matcher offers buying and selling of new and used cars, financing options, and car reviews, and car tips.

We offer a faster, simpler way to compare new and used cars online, creating an ideal and safe marketplace for all car buyers and sellers. The buying process is completely at the discretion of the two parties buying and selling.

There are several ways to determine if a used car is priced fairly. One way is to look at comparable cars with the same condition and see the average price range of the said car. You can also get a car valuation and ask for a detailed estimate of the car's value.

You must finalise that with the dealership or the individual you are buying the car from and check their payment methods.

Yes, you can sell your car with finance on it but it comes with responsibility and precaution. There are few things you need to consider when doing so:

  1. Understand your outstanding car loan balance before proceeding to sell your car.
  2. When listing your car for sale, factor in the remaining loan amount including any early repayment fee.
  3. Be transparent with the car finance or any loan.

A car VIN stands for Vehicle Identification Number and provides a comprehensive vehicle history. It is unique in every car so no two vehicles have the same VIN. Your VIN can be found in several places such as:

  1. Car registration certificate
  2. Car insurance policy documentation
  3. At the door post or front door hinges, where it latches when it’s closed
  4. On the lower part of the windscreen on the driver side
  5. On the bottom part of the pillar
  6. Next to the front passenger seat
  7. At the engine bay
  8. At the old registration stickers found on the windscreen

You can also online tools that can help you locate your VIN such as Identicar, iRego Vin Decoder, and Lookup.

It will depend on the individuals/dealerships who is buying your car.

Yes, you can get a loan on your used car. There a few types of loans availablw for used cars: secured loan, unsecured loan, used car lease, and novated lease. However, your eligiablity for each loan will depend on several factors that will determine the car's eligibility for a loan.

We don't buy or sell cars directly. Motor Matcher is an online platform where individuals can buy cars by simply browsing the car selection we have, or create an ad for a car they plan to sell.