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5 Cars you Can Buy at a Discount

14 September 2021 AutoMarket, Tips & Advice

Everyone wants a new car at a favourable price, right? The times we live in, this seems almost impossible. Due to an ongoing stock shortage in the Australian car market, stemming from global supply chain and production issues, delays among brands are common, which results in high prices for most cars.

But thankfully, we have found some cool, ready-to-go vehicles that are worth buying at a discount, which of course, depends on the dealer, but generally, these make up for great buys in the market.

  1. Volvo S60

Medium and large sedans have seen their popularity fade in the Australian car market. Once known as readily-available family cars, it has lost its market share to SUVs. And that has made them a cheaper choice, and can actually be driven better than most off-road cars out there.

One particular sedan worth checking out is the Volvo S60.

It carries with it the identical overall layout, portrait-style infotainment display, digital instrument cluster, and high-level standard equipment.

Looking to pick up the more upgraded Volvo XC60? Save yourself up to $25,000 by getting the Volvo S60 instead. Here are some more specifics that you can consider for this sedan that doesn’t seem to get old.

Drive score: 8.2/10

Segment: Medium car > $60k

Price range (MSRP): $54,990-$84,990


  1. Ford Focus

20 years since it first rocked the Australian roads, the Ford Focus is still out there giving us a great choice if you’re into small cars

As of August 2021, the Ford Focus range includes the sports-themed ST- Line hatchback, SUV-inspired Active, and the two variations of ST-hot hatch. Its excellent handling plus the European-themed sleek design and fantastic performance variant are reasons you shouldn’t look away from this. Specifically, Ford Focus-ST Line wagon rocks a great-looking and sporty European feel coupled with a space fit for a family.

Here are more key details for you to keep an eye on.

Drive score: 7/9/10

Segment: Small car > $40k

Price range (MSRP): $25,990-$44,890


  1. Toyota Supra

Looking to drive an authentic, esthetics-laden sports car? The Toyota Supra must be on your list.

Its BMW-sourced 3.0-litre straight-six is already plentiful, and couple it with 250kW/500Nm power for 2020 models and it transforms to an incredible ride. But despite being a performance car, it can serve you double purpose - its spacious room makes it a great car for the family while still establishing its sporty car psyche.

Here’s some key details for you to check on.

Drive score: 8.4/10

Segment: Medium car > $60k

Price range (MSRP): $86,126-$97,003


  1. Peugeot 3008

French cars have long been a commodity in the Australian auto market since more than a hundred years ago - from Citroen, Renault, and Peugeot. But they’re still having a hard time establishing themselves in the country, partly due to lack of brand awareness and dealership locations. But keep those struggles off the board, and you’re off to seeing great car selections from French automakers - particularly the Peugeot 3008.

A medium European family type SUV, it also underwent a recent facelift, with its new trim levels and higher level equipment coming to the range. A choice of 1.6-litre petrol or 2.0-litre diesel, with state-of-the-art GT now offered for both engines.

Key details:

Drive score: 8.2/10

Segment: Medium SUV > $60k

Price range (MSRP): $44,990-$54,990


  1. Jaguar I-Pace

Electric cars on discount? Yes, you can still get the latest technology in the auto world at a discounted price.

Jaguar I-Pace is the first full-blown electric car offering from the company. Regardless of trim level selection, its twin motor setup can power up to 294kW/696 Nm.

The battery, a standard-fit 90 kWh battery, allows it to travel up to 470 km per claim, but real world studies show some deviation up to 15 per cent.

Key details on this electric:

Drive score: 8.0/10

Segment: SUV Large > $70k

Price range (MSRP): $128,248-$151,432


During this time, where our budgets are tight, being a smart buyer is a must. Knowing exactly what you need and finding the best possible options to satisfy it are two keys to having the best car choices. And talking about best car choices, you can find one that fits your needs at Motor Matcher. We’re also online at so you could be a click away from your dream car!