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Top 5 Popular Cars in the Australian Market

20 July 2021 AutoMarket, Tips & Advice

Numerous high selling cars have graced the Australian roads already. You probably see some of them on a daily basis or you might even be driving one yourself already! But what are these popular cars and what makes them popular?

Cars have truly become an integral part of Australian culture and have become a necessity for every family. And, when we talk about what is necessary, we should be talking about cars that have established themselves among people due to their quality and ability to go the distance.

So, are you ready to take on this ride and explore the top five most popular cars in the Australian market? Fasten your seatbelts, and we’ll begin this one real quick!


Car #5 | Mitsubishi Triton

This sought-after dual cab ute opens up our ride for today. A workhorse, it has been helping Aussies get the hard jobs done for over 30 years. The Triton is special for its two-world coverage, a refined quiet ride, and a powerful, hard-working engine. It is an ideal option for taller passengers for its plenty of legroom.

The Triton comes buckled up with safety, equipped with active ability and traction control, and earning itself a five-star ANCAP safety rating. Skills of engineers were shown on its delivery power, high performance, towing and technology. It faces any challenge with ease both on and off the road.


Car #4 | Hyundai i30

A huge victory for the small car market to compete on an equal stand among a ton of high-selling utes. The Hyundai i30 is the top-ranked small car and holds its own position as one of Australia’s most popular cars. As the winner of Australia’s Best Car Award six times, the i30 has proven itself to be an honest, reliable, small car that consistently gets the job done.

The Hyundai i30 models come equipped with a cascading front grille, full LED front lighting, panoramic glass sunroof, and twin up exhaust, while the sporty interior includes steering wheel mounted controls.


Car #3 | Toyota Corolla

Well, this is one standout that has consistently taken a share not only in Australian roads but also worldwide - Toyota Corolla, that name must ring a bell!

The Corolla boasts a great track record for reliability and solid fuel economy, affordable to own and easy to maintain. With the advent of a newer Corolla 2019 version, it will surely make itself more appealing especially to a younger car-enthusiastic audience. This also has a high safety rating packed with standard features including pedestrian detection, touch screen infotainment display, adaptive cruise control and automatic braking technology.


Car #2 | Ford Ranger

Who doesn’t know this incredibly reliable and popular Ford Ranger?

This well-known road monster is a high-quality dual cab ute which cements its status in the Australian car market. Its eye-capturing look, fantastic driving experience, and comfortable interiors are the articulate secrets to its dominance and popularity.

Enhancing this fame, the Ford Ranger refreshed its already-dominant image with its addition of the Panther 2.0 litre twin turbo diesel engine and 10-speed auto. Apart from this, features like adaptive cruise control and lane departure warning add more excellence to its list. Even in hard-to traverse terrain, this lays a smooth driving experience and with well-designed cabins, it is no surprise that it lays claim as one of Australia’s most famous dual cab utes.


Car #1 | Toyota HiLux

Our topnotcher, and without a doubt, Australia’s top-selling car is no other than the Toyota HiLux. Let’s see how it out edged its opposing cars.

The Toyota HiLux, now on its eighth generation, has developed a well-earned reputation as one of Australia’s toughest and most reliable dual cab utes. It blends a comfortable suspension setup with a standout, refined 2.8-litre engine that never feels overwhelmed, no matter where you throw it at. Elsewhere, it also offers precise steering, as well as a sleek interior that truly has all the trimmings, plus an excellent safety record, highlighted by ISOFIX anchor points. Pair this with an easy-to-use touchscreen entertainment system and it’s easy to see why it is indeed Australia’s finest and most sought-after.


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