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3 Unusual Things to Look for During a Test Drive

24 January 2022 AutoMarket, Tips & Advice

A test drive is an important aspect of any car purchase. Buying a used car is usually a large financial commitment and driving it for yourself is a fantastic way to ensure that it will be a worthwhile investment. It's important to be aware of any potential flaws with the car while taking a test drive, which can be difficult to do when you're caught up in the excitement of the used car-buying process.

Below are the three unusual things to look for during test drive:

  1. Perform a pre-driving inspection

Give the car a quick pre-inspection before asking for a test drive. Examine the car's undercarriage for any leaking fluids or highly rusted components. Check the oil in the car with the dipstick to see if it's clean. Look for sludgy deposits beneath the oil gas cap, which could suggest irregular oil changes.

  1. Test its technology features

When going for a test drive, most people are aware of the importance of looking for mechanical red flags. Strange engine noises, such as knocking, creaking, or grinding, are all major turn-offs. However, it's important to put the given technology characteristics to the test as often as possible. While testing driver assistance features on purpose is definitely not a smart idea, looking at how well the other technology features perform is absolutely acceptable.

Make a list of the technology components that are indicated to be equipped if you're test-driving a used car. If the listing includes a backup camera or a feature-rich user console, double-check that it wasn't added by mistake.

  1. Set some obstacles for the used car to overcome

Most cars, even those in bad condition, can easily manage easy driving conditions. You should put the car through a few difficulties to gain a true sense of its condition.

Attempt to drive on a bumpy road. This will allow you to observe the suspension in action. The suspension may need to be altered if it feels excessive. The same is true for driving uphill and downhill. Pay attention to how efficiently the brakes respond to pressure and how far the pedal must be pressed down to effectively brake.

Check the brake and parking pawl. Because these components don't need to be serviced or repaired on a regular basis, you just need to evaluate them in old automobiles. Leave the brake on and put the car in drive to test the brake. Use only a smidgeon of pressure on the gas pedal. The car is not supposed to move. Put the car in park and let off of the brake at the end of the test drive. The parking pawl may be worn down if it rolls more than a couple of inches.

A test drive should be enjoyable and interesting. It's important, however, to remember why you're there in the first place. Take your time and inspect the used car thoroughly to ensure it is the right used car for you.

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