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4 Simple Car Upgrades for Safe Driving

29 September 2019 AutoMarket, Tips & Advice

Driving safely should always a priority. Whether you drive alone or with passengers, safe driving comes above everything else when you’re behind the wheel.

The latest cars often have an abundance of advanced safety features that help you practice safe driving on the roads but what if you’re driving an older car? How can you ensure you’ve done everything you can to ensure safe passage from point A to B?

One way would be to invest in particular car upgrades that can help you be a safer driver. Here are 4 simple car upgrades you can consider to help you practice safe driving:


Safe Driving Upgrade #1: Better Car Tyres

Tyres are one of the most important parts of your car. As they are in constant contact with the road, they govern how well your car performs during driving. However, buying a new set of tyres can be expensive, but it is also worth every penny.

Better car tyres not only give you better driving performance but they are also much safer to drive by providing better handling especially in wet climates. Driving with old tyres can increase your risk of slipping, sliding, poor braking, blowouts, and worse, full-blown accidents on the road. Be safe and check your tyres regularly.     

Safe Driving Upgrade #2: Reversing Camera

Imagine having another set of eyes on the back of your head. How much more could you see! Applying that same example to a car and you’re thinking of a reversing camera. With a reversing camera installed, you can now see everything behind you.

It just takes safety driving into a whole new level as you are finally able to view what’s lurking behind your rear bumper. There are many specific benefits when it comes to safety such as wider field of vision, the better judgment of your area when reversing, awareness to different hazards, and accident and damage prevention.

Safe Driving Upgrade #3: Blind-Spot Detection System

A standard shoulder check may not always be enough when checking to make sure your blind spots are clear. There are circumstances where a simple lane change can be quite a task. On-road factors such as the lack of streetlights, poor lighting on other vehicles, heavy traffic, and glare from wet roads can make blind-spot detection more challenging.

To help you maneuver safely when changing lanes, invest in a blind-spot detection system that automatically warns you of any obstruction in your blind spots. Having this installed in your car means you can focus on your driving and navigate lane changes safely, knowing your blind-spots are clear.

Safe Driving Upgrade #4: USB and Phone Accessories

Driving an older car can translate into an older entertainment system. This could mean you’re more likely to use your smartphone or tablet device when playing music in your car rather than your car’s old stereo.

While practical, you may be more likely to develop unsafe driving habits such as changing the song on your mobile phone or fishing for the USB charging port to keep the music going. To reduce unwanted distractions while driving, it might be time to invest in USB and phone accessories which are designed to organise your gadgets. Some of those accessories are USB car adaptor, retractable USB cables, and a smartphone dock.

Final Thoughts

Investing in the technology that will help you practice safe driving to ensure your safety when you are on the roads. Safe your self the heartbreak, potential medical expenses and time by minimizing the risk of any car accidents today.

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