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7 Most Important Factors To Consider When Buying a New Car

24 May 2024 AutoMarket, Tips & Advice

That new car smell, the smooth ride, the freedom of the open road – the dream of buying a new car is exciting, right?  But with so many choices out there, it can also feel overwhelming. 

What do you look for in a car? Hit the brakes for a second. Let this blog be your roadmap to navigating the exciting world of buying a new car.  We'll be peeling back the layers, revealing the most important factors to consider, so you can choose the perfect ride that fits your lifestyle and budget.  

Together, let's transform your car-buying journey from stressful to spectacular!

What’s Inside?

  1. What are the factors influencing car purchases?

      2. Find your new car with Motor Matcher!

Buying a New Car: What Are the Factors Influencing Car Purchases?

Factors To Consider When Buying a New Car

Your Budget

This one's a no-brainer.  Figure out how much you can realistically spend on the purchase price, factoring in ongoing costs like fuel, insurance, and registration. This helps your budgeting decisions when buying your new car. 

Don't stretch your budget too far just to buy that sporty ride or any stylish-looking car that offers no return value. You can opt for even better auto options out there, and the better news is you can even score them at a more affordable price

Fuel Efficiency

Fuel costs will most certainly take up most of your car driving expenses. And if your car isn't efficient, it's not a good look for your wallet. 

Consider fuel-efficient options like hybrids or electric vehicles (EVs). These are known fuel-efficient cars which run more miles without draining the pump. If you're looking for EVs, factor in charging infrastructure near you. 

Car Safety

Safety is always a top priority when buying your new car. Imagine driving with the assurance that you can drive wherever you want without having second thoughts. 

Look for a car with a high safety rating and features like airbags, anti-lock brakes (ABS), and electronic stability control (ESC). These can give you peace of mind on the road. Also, look for cars with five-star safety ratings from ANCAP, as their ratings reflect on the car's safety features, infrastructure, and driving assistance.

Car Features

Once you're done deciding on your driving needs, it's time to think about what features you want for your new car. 

Sunroof? Sat nav? Leather seats? Carefully think about these features that make your drive more enjoyable. Just remember, bells and whistles can bump up the price, so prioritise what truly matters to you. To decide better, you can list down your desired car features and narrow down your search to those cars. 

Your Driving Habits

Your driving habits also play a role in deciding what car fits your lifestyle, and daily drives. 

If you do a lot of city driving with stop-and-go traffic, a fuel-efficient car like a hybrid or electric vehicle (EV) could save you significant money on petrol in the long run. 

our daily commute and how you use your car for leisure play a big role. Do you need a large SUV for hauling cargo or passengers, or is a smaller, more agile car better suited to your daily errands and weekend adventures?

These guide questions will lead you to a car that answers your daily driving needs. 

Type of Vehicle

With many vehicles at your disposal, it seems difficult to just pick if you'll drive away with a sedan, a hybrid, an SUV, or an electric vehicle. But let's make this easy for you. 

Different vehicles cater to different lifestyles. A city dweller might prioritise a compact car for easy parking and manoeuvring, while a family with frequent road trips might need a spacious SUV for passengers and cargo.

Sedans generally offer a smoother ride and better handling on corners, while SUVs provide a higher driving position and a more spacious interior. Think about your priorities – a comfortable ride for long journeys, sporty handling for twisty roads, or a commanding view of city traffic.

Cargo Space

Cargo space is crucial when buying a new car because it directly impacts how much stuff you can comfortably haul around.

Do you have hobbies that require a lot of gear?  Golf clubs, camping equipment, or band instruments all need space. Choosing a car with enough cargo room eliminates the Tetris-like struggle of fitting everything in.

Sometimes, you need to carry both people and stuff.  SUVs and hatchbacks with flexible seating options offer the ability to fold down seats and create more cargo space when needed.

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