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7 Things You Should Never Tell Your Car Dealer

2 December 2019 AutoMarket, Tips & Advice

Buying a car isn’t always a smooth process. There’s a ton of research involved, negotiations, and car dealers to deal with. For inexperienced car buyers, this can go from a delightful experience to ultimate disaster due to lack of upper hand.

Car dealers can be a great help but they can also put you at a disadvantage especially if they sense your hesitation and lack of experience. Saying the wrong things could cost you more than you’re willing to spend. To save you from this possible remorse and get the best car deal instead, you need to familiarise yourself with things you should never tell your car dealer.

Here’s our top 3 list:

Things You Should Never Say To Your Car Dealer #1: “Oh, I love this car!”

Stay calm and don’t show your emotions until you’ve gotten a great deal.

You can’t always contain your emotion when you see a car you love, but when car dealers hear these words, they instantly switch into prowl mode.

The logic goes that if car dealers know you love the car, you’re already putting that car on a much higher value than what it really is. Such scenarios can lead you to overspending.

So, to ensure that the car dealership breaks even for the both of you, keep your feelings contained as much as possible. Showing interest yet still holding back a little is your best approach once you laid eyes on the perfect car. Let the car dealer know you’re interested but if they can’t give you a good deal, you’re willing to look somewhere else.

 #2: “I don't know much about cars.”

Don’t let your car dealer know how much you don’t know.

Car dealers know their cars well and are always ready to sell them at any time. If you tell your car dealer you don’t know much about cars, you’re already giving them the upper hand and losing your cards to negotiate evenly.

It’s like music to their ears; eventually they’ll persuade you to go extra with other features, extended warranty and such. Since you don’t know much about cars, they will abuse it, making you spend more!

Prior to meeting a car dealer, always do research about the cars on your wish list and dedicate time to really get to know each car. You don’t need to be an expert but having just enough knowledge can put you in a fairly good position for a good deal.

You can drive away with a car you truly love without getting ripped off.

#3: “I'm paying cash.”

Say this and you won’t be able to score a nice discount.

Not all car buyers have enough cash to pay for the car outright. In fact, most people choose the option to finance.

If you tell your car dealer early on that you’ll be paying cash, it’ll give them the impression that you’re willing to buy right away and offering you a better price is not really necessary.

Instead of saying this upfront, let your car dealer know later in the process. Or better yet, let them assume you’re going to finance the car so they can offer you a better price since they usually make up the difference with the in-house financing.

#4: “I don’t want to get taken to the cleaners”.

Even if you think all car dealers are crooks, it won’t help you if you make that known.

Believe it or not, they’re not all bad – and most of them are doing what they can to make a living. Some of them are just doing their jobs and following protocols. It might hurt the salesperson.

If you start off on the wrong foot, how much less likely will the dealer be to genuinely want to help you out? Rather, set the stage with a positive-yet-serious tone and you’ll be in a much better place to negotiate about the car’s price and features.

Remember, they are still human so don’t insult them but still be cautious when buying a car.

#5: “I am a Lawyer/Doctor/ any high paying job”.

If you have a job with a reputation for high pay, don’t tell the dealer what you do. He’ll assume you’re loaded and can pay considerably higher than the lowest possible price.

Both his goal and his manager’s goal is to get more money out of you if they can. Selling cars at different prices based on a buyer’s perceived ability to pay is called price discrimination, and it’s perfectly legal.

If he doesn’t know what you do for a living, he won’t have this advantage over you.

If he asks you about what job you do, just tell him it’s an office job.

#6: “Does this come in colour red?”

Save small questions until later.

Show the salesperson that you want to buy the car first. Asking more important questions regarding the car’s reliability, gas mileage, etc.

Asking smaller questions about colors and cup holders upfront may lead him to believe you haven’t given much thought to more important things, like the price.

#7: “I need to buy a car today”

Don’t tell them it’s urgent, play it cool and it might save you a ton of money.

If you rushed over to the dealership because your car just died, it might be best not to let the salesperson know.

This is a red flag you’re desperate to drive off the lot with a new car today — and you’ll likely end up paying significantly more for it.

A tip from us:

Always remember the saying “Quick decisions are bad decisions”.

If you’re in a crunch for a new car yet don’t want to overpay as a result, you might consider sharing, borrowing, or renting a car for a couple of weeks so you have time to negotiate and make a better buying decision. Do some research and pick the car you’ll love.

When negotiating with car dealers, playing your cards right can score you a win.

So, remember not to say these things to your car dealer.

  1. Reserve your emotions
  2. Do your research; and
  3. Play smart.

And don’t forget to ask the more important questions regarding the car’s specifications rather than on focusing on smaller details to let your car dealer know you mean business.


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