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9 Must-Have Car Accessories

27 July 2023 AutoMarket, Tips & Advice

Although Australia possesses the ideal landscape for road trips, the everyday commute can be quite lengthy, tiresome and repetitive. Which means you need extra 'companion' to make sure you have a pleasant ride.

Enter these must-have car accessories and your drive will change! From keeping you safe and focused while driving to just spicing up your ride, these car accessories can take your driving experience a notch higher.

Check out our list of must-have car accessories below!

1. Phone Mount

Car Accessories - Phone Mount

To protect you and others on the road, Australia prohibits the use of phones while driving. It is therefore illegal to hold a mobile phone in your hand or have it resting on any part of your body, such as your lap, while at the wheel. This applies even if you're stopped in traffic.

A phone mount can be the ideal solution to keep your phone near while still remaining focused on the road ahead. 

They allow you to handle your device with ease and are available in multiple variations and sizes, from adjustable phone cradles to magnetic vent mounts. 

2. Wireless Smartphone Chargers

Car Accessories - Wireless Smartphone Charger

Entangled charging cables can often result in a messy centre console. 

Investing in a wireless charging dock like the Ventev Wireless Pro, can be useful in keeping the interior of your car tidy and organised. A wireless charger can alternatively be used as a phone mount as well! It usually charges at higher speed and power than most conventional charging cables and is compatible with almost every device. 

The fun doesn’t need to stop there! You can pair it with a multi-charger and charge any device, from tablets to laptops. 

3. Car Emergency Kit

Car Accessories - Car Emergency Kit

A car ride can unpredictably take an unfortunate turn. Make sure you are fully equipped by adding a car emergency kit for those unexpected driving needs. 

Prepare a checklist of what emergency tools would you need depending on your destination. 

Here are some tools you can include in your kit:

  • Spare tyre
  • Escape tracks for crossing snowy terrain
  • Your vehicle’s user manual
  • Flashlights
  • Repair tools 
  • Blankets or towels, and 
  • First aid essentials. 

However, driving in harsh conditions or on longer routes require more comprehensive and extensive emergency kits. 

Anticipate which emergency kits will be most adequate to your destination. Driving in harsh conditions or longer travels require a more exhaustive emergency kit. 

4. Heads Up Display Devices

Car Accessories - Heads Up Display Devices

One of the most common causes for road mishaps is distraction. While mostly caused by using a smartphone while driving, another common source is fiddling with your dashboard or radio. 

Which is why car accessories such as heads-up car display devices becomes a vital addition to any car. These devices project a transparent screen on the windshield serving as a dashboard within your line of sight, allowing the driver to safely view controls without taking their eyes off the road. 

They can indicate directions through GPS and even enable hands-free control capabilities. You can also answer phone calls or adjust radio settings with a simple flick off the hand or voice command, without letting go of the steering wheel.

These accessories are an excellent choice to not only enhance your car’s abilities but also, improve your all-around driving experience.

5. Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Car Accessories - Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Travelling around Australia can be extensively lengthy that you don't  notice that your car has turned into a speeding trash bin. There's food packets and empty containers, to crumbs, sand and mud on the floorboard. 

A cordless vacuum cleaner handy can help you clean that mess up instantly. It's light, compact, and won't compromise your car space. 

6. Tyre Pressure Monitoring Tool

Car Accessories - Tyre Pressure Monitoring Tool

The tyres are the most battered part of your car. They are subjected to the most amount of abrasion, and therefore, carrying out regular checks on these ensures their longevity. Today’s technology has made it easier to conduct regular checks with readily-available tyre pressure check apps, making it possible to monitor tyre health with the push of a button. 

Apps like SensAiry and Smart TPMS make use of Bluetooth to detect the air pressure and performance of your tyres. Additionally, the app alerts you when one of your tyres needs more pressure, or is deflated.  

This is a great addition to your must-have car accessories. 

7. Back Seat Organiser and Memory Foam Cushion

Car Accessories - Back Seat Organiser

Embarking on a long journey can take its toll on your back and posterior, leaving you with debilitating body pain. To avoid this, the use of a memory foam cushion will boost your comfort and reinforce good posture during travels.

Additionally, if you are accompanied with toddlers on your long drive, adding a back seat organiser with compartments and mini-tables will keep your car clutter-free and tidy along the way. These car accessories can definitely come in handy!

8. Car Air Purifier

Car Accessories - Car Air Purifier

Your vehicle is an enclosed cabin and therefore is prone to the accumulation of particles and bacteria when not properly maintained. With every window rolled down, you invite a host of pollutants into your car that may cause respiratory complications and allergies, turning your drive into an unpleasant experience. The air filtration set up in your vehicle can help reduce particulate matter but is not properly equipped to entirely filter out all airborne irritants. 

To address this, invest in the installation of a good air purifier. Auxiliary air purifiers can help rid your car of smoke, dust, pollutants, and other respiratory irritants.

9. OBD2 Scanners

Car Accessories - OBD2 Scanners

That pesky “Check Engine” light flashing across the dashboard can be quite an eyesore for most drivers. This is a clear signal that your engine requires attention but it won’t specifically point out what the problem is. 

This is where OBD2 scanners like Thinkcar and Innova can come in handy. These car accessories can run extensive diagnoses, highlighting problematic areas by scanning your engine. If the issue is small enough, it can be taken care of at your end. Alternatively, if the device detects a relatively larger problem, it will state out the exact area in need of fixing which can save you from the trouble of having a professional mechanic assess and likely charge you more.  


Which car accessories do you have right now?

The above mentioned car accessories aid in different aspects to enhance your overall commuting experience and augment your car’s abilities. 

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