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Australia's Best Used Cars

13 July 2022 AutoMarket, Tips & Advice

Once you've made the decision to start looking for used cars, you'll need to do some serious research. The first thing to figure out is what kind of vehicle best suits your needs: a roomy family car, a tough SUV, or a fuel-efficient compact car.

Or, if you're a teen, a cheap and reliable starter car that checks all the safety boxes while still fitting into your 'almost broke student' budget. Check out our selection of some of Australia's best used cars, keeping in mind that "best" can mean different things to different car buyers.

Why should you buy a used car?

Although a gleaming, brand new car is appealing, some may consider it an unnecessary expense. Sure, a new car has a pleasant odour. It hasn't been tainted by a previous owner's messes. It is less likely than used cars to break down.

And some of today's new models boast cutting-edge safety features and fuel-efficiency improvements that leave cars from the previous century in the dust.

However, there are a number of significant advantages to purchasing used cars.

Depreciation will have already dropped to its lowest point. Because the car's monetary value is lower, insurance will also be less expensive. And finding exactly the model you want at the price you want is easier than ever before—everything is online these days, and there are a lot of options.

There's a lot to smile about when you buy a good used car, not least the fact that you won't have to pay all those new car dealer fees.

Here's a list of some of Australia's best used cars:

While the term "best" can mean different things to different car buyers, here is a list of some of the most popular options for Australians looking to buy reliable used cars.

Of course, there are hundreds more to choose from, but these are some of the tried and true models that have proven their worth over time and consistently receive high ratings in Canstar's customer satisfaction surveys.

Holden Trailblazer

The Holden Trailblazer is aptly named, as it has blazed its own path as one of Australia's best large SUVs. The Trailblazer stands out in a number of ways, the most notable of which is its spacious seven-seat interior. The new and improved dashboard design, which boasts a seven-inch touchscreen with Bluetooth connectivity, is also worth noting.

Automatic headlights and rain-sensing wipers, as well as lane departure and blind-spot warnings, are all useful features. The tyre-pressure monitoring system is also a nice addition, complementing the powerful engine's excellent on-road performance.

The power of a well-designed interior is matched by the comfort of a cosy interior.

Holden Trailblazer

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  • Spacious interior.
  • Powerful engine.
  • Excellent safety features.
  • Comfortable seats.
  • ISOFIX attachment points.


  • The boot is slightly small compared to competitors.

Suzuki Swift

Since the 1980s, the Suzuki Swift has been one of the popular used cars in the United States, thanks to its excellent fuel economy, high-quality steering and suspension, low price, and quick throttle response.

It's also well-known for its durability and dependability. Obviously, this car isn't going to be your first choice if you're tall.

However, it has plenty of room inside and highly adjustable seats for people of average size. Your car insurance costs should be lower as a Swift owner, which is great news for teenagers.

Suzuki Swift car

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  • Responsive and easy to park.
  • Excellent fuel economy.
  • Easy to find spare parts.
  • Proven reliability.


  • The Interior is a tad basic and could do with more storage areas.

Holden Barina

The Holden Barina has been a staple of the Australian car market for over 30 years, and it is an extremely practical car that combines excellent value and fun.

Automatic headlights, cruise control, rear parking sensors, a six-speaker stereo, and Bluetooth connectivity are among the features.

The Barina engine has a pleasant mid-range pickup that works well with the steering's consistency. It's a solid, reliable vehicle that won't let you down.

Holden Barina car

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  • Reliable.
  • Has a good safety track record.
  • Easy to find spare parts.
  • Excellent list of features for the price.


  • Lacking slightly in terms of storage.

Ford Mondeo

The Ford Mondeo isn't one of those cars that go out of their way to impress you. It doesn't have to, though; its smooth, consistent performance speaks for itself.

Other cars try to impress with their flashy designs or high-tech gadgets, but the Mondeo prefers a more subtle approach.

Despite this, it checks all the boxes and excels at the fundamentals.

The Ford Mondeo has everything you could want for a pleasant ride, from a comfortable interior to ample storage space and a modern, intuitive multimedia touchscreen.

When you combine this with a powerful engine, you have the makings of a fantastic family sedan.

Ford Mondeo car

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  • Comfortable.
  • Ample storage space.
  • Good multimedia interface.
  • Extremely reliable.


  • Strange windscreen wiper design.

Key takeaways:

  • There are some disadvantages to purchasing used cars rather than a new one; however, you can often save a lot of money on the car price, dealer fees, depreciation, and vehicle insurance.
  • The Holden Barina is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a small car that is easy to drive, comfortable, and efficient.
  • The Suzuki Swift is an excellent choice for first-time teen drivers because it is affordable, low-maintenance, and extremely reliable.
  • The Ford Mondeo is a practical family car that checks all the boxes in terms of safety, comfort, and performance while also providing plenty of storage space.


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