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Car Buying Tips During The Holiday Season

18 October 2019 AutoMarket, Tips & Advice

Clothes, gadgets, shoes, electronics, and appliances are your typical holiday purchases. Cars may seem quite a hefty purchase but believe or not, people do wait for the holiday season to purchase a car.

Did you know that December and January are the best months to buy a car? During these months, dealers are already anticipating the next year’s car models. Hence, there are big chances that 2019 models will be offered at a steeper discount. Like any other salespeople, car dealers have quotas that come in shape of monthly, quarterly, and yearly goals. Expect them to sell their units at all costs.

So would you buy a new car during the holiday season? If you’ve got plans on driving behind new wheels as the New Year comes, brace yourself as we give you some helpful car buying tips.

Car Buying Tips During The Holiday Season #1: Buy on Christmas Eve

If you want to save as much money as you’d like then wait for Christmas Eve to buy a new car. Research shows that you can get as much as $2,819 in savings during Christmas Eve. But perhaps you’d be tied up with family gathering and affair. In this case, you can still get a fair amount of savings when you buy on the day of Christmas and on New Year’s Eve.

Car Buying Tips During The Holiday Season #2: Don’t Procrastinate

Chances are, there are also other shoppers who are itching to get their hands on new car deals during the holidays. The best you can do is to act quickly instead of procrastinating. If you already got your eyes on that 2019 model and are serious to buy, by all means, grab that once-a-year old inventory sale opportunity.

Car Buying Tips During The Holiday Season #3: Research

Time is precious when you’re buying during the holiday season. So to make sure you purchase the right car while still taking advantage of great deals, do prior research. Read some reviews on trusted sites to give you valuable insights about the car you’re planning to buy. Check the prices as well before and after discounts to make sure you’re getting the best possible deal.

Car Buying Tips During The Holiday Season #4: Take Advantage of Membership

Are you a member of any auto-buying or retail clubs? If yes, time to dig into your list of benefits and you might just hit a jackpot with member-exclusive discounts.

Car Buying Tips During The Holiday Season #5: Get Another Opinion

Buying a new car is a major decision and it won’t hurt to ask for an opinion from trusted people. It allows you to balance things out even if you already know what you want. Moreover, you can also take the time to check the carmaker’s social media pages to see if there are any ongoing promotions.

Don’t miss out on your dream car this holiday season. Utilise the weeks left before the month of December officially hits so you can easily find the best deal for your new car. As buying a car is a huge purchase whether on sale or not, preparation is paramount to ensure your wait is going to be worth it.


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