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Give Your Car a 2021 Makeover

18 January 2021 AutoMarket, Tips & Advice

The arrival of the New Year signifies a fresh start. What better time to give your car the makeover it deserves? The car industry is ever changing, with tons of new features and innovations being rolled out every quarter. If you’re not quite ready to trade your ride in, making some refurbishments instead can make a huge difference to the driving experience.

Drive into 2021 in style with a brand new look. Here’s where to start.


Your tyres endure the brunt of the wear and tear, and need replacing pretty regularly. Though the specific intervals will depend on each model, as a general rule tyres should be changed approximately every 40,000-60,000km. But why not take it a step further and give your wheels a new look entirely?

Treat your car to some new alloys this year, especially if you’re currently using antiquated steel wheels. Alloys come in a variety of sleek, striking designs that can instantly lift the appearance of any vehicle. Large alloy wheels are among the most popular because aside from being stylish, they tend to fill the wheel arches better and are more in proportion with the rest of the body. They can also improve handling on the road.

Spark plugs, bushings, and cool air intake

If you want to boost performance and combustion quality, spark plugs are a good place to start. The spark plug is responsible for generating the electricity that in turn ignites the air-fuel mixture in the engine, which gets it in motion. Changing yours also increases power and fuel economy so you get more bang for your buck.

Other parts to consider are the bushings found between the suspension and frame, as well as in the engine and chassis. These usually rubber contraptions simply prevent your car from vibrating. But commonly used rubber bushings wear out over time, so we recommend switching to polyurethane bushings for extra longevity. Polyurethane bushings also do a better job of diminishing vibrations and weight transfer than their rubber counterparts.

If you really want to make a difference to your horsepower and torque, try installing a cold air intake. These sophisticated mechanisms deliver a higher volume of oxygen-dense air to your engine which ultimately results in more power to the drivetrain. Rev it up!

LED headlights

Most new car releases will come with modern LED headlights rather than incandescent or halogen bulbs. But there’s more to LED lights than their powerful, luxury appearance. LEDs are much brighter than their predecessors, enhancing your visibility on the road and widening your view of your surroundings for safer driving. This is especially useful during night-time commutes.  They are also more energy efficient, which means less strain on your vehicle’s battery and less money spent on new bulbs.

Leather interior

Your car interior can have a big impact on the overall driving experience. If yours is looking worse for wear, consider replacing the upholstery. Nothing says sophistication like leather. As well as being easy on the eyes, leather seats are warm and comfortable making for a smooth ride for you and your passengers.

Infotainment system

A multi-functional infotainment system is expected from modern cars. A suite of technological features makes driving a lot more fun, allowing you access to your favourite music, your address book, satellite navigation and more at the touch of a button. If your car could do with a glow up in this department, consider installing a Bluetooth stereo or perhaps a hands-free system for making calls safely. This is something that is truly worth the splurge.

Rather than giving up and trading her in, consider whether a makeover is a more worthwhile option. Because sometimes, all it takes is a few tweaks for you to fall back in love with your car. But if you decide it’s time to say goodbye, make sure to check out Motor Matcher. At Motor Matcher, everything we do is modelled around providing customers with the right tools and empowering them with rich information, helping them make sound decisions when buying and selling cars. We offer a faster, simpler way to compare new and used cars online, creating an ideal and safe marketplace for all car buyers and sellers.

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