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Important Questions To Ask Your Car Dealership Before Buying

22 September 2022 AutoMarket, Tips & Advice

When visiting a car dealership to purchase a new or used car, it is beneficial to make sure you are asking the right questions. Being ready with a list of the right questions can help save you time and money in the long run - as we all know purchasing a new car is a major decision. It is super important to understand what comes with the vehicle and how much you may end up spending for it over its lifetime. 

Here are some of the most important questions you should ask a car dealer before buying a new car:

1. Is the car that I want available?

Cut to the chase! This one is simple, and it will save you and the car dealer a whole lot of time and energy negotiating. If you have been looking at a car online, you may want to request to have a look at it in person to see the model, colour, and features. 

The dealer may or may not have the model or specific features that you are after - but they may be able to source them from another dealer, even if it is not immediately. 

2. How much is the actual price?

It is always important to make sure you have asked for the actual price of the car - even if you have done your homework! The price of your car may fluctuate due to discounts or incentives that may be available during that time period.

However, you must keep in mind that this price is only the price of the actual car. It excludes sales tax, the state licence charge, the documentation cost, and any other dealer fees associated with purchasing a new car. Having a clear understanding of what you need to pay will help you work around your budget.

3. What’s the current mileage?

Knowing the mileage of the car you are interested in is essential. Although new cars have low mileage, they can be utilised for conducting test drives and so they might just naturally have a few extra kilometres. On the other hand, used cars must have the same mileage as what is displayed on the odometer. 

The mileage will play a significant role in determining what kind of shape the automobile is currently in, as well as any repairs or services that the car may require in the near future.

4. Can I see the vehicle history report?

A car history report is a great way to decide whether or not a vehicle is worth purchasing. It contains a wealth of information, including past owners, maintenance, warranty, repair records, accidents, insurance claims, and much more. 

Any reputable dealer will gladly show you the history report of the vehicle. If they, don’t you should have a look into this for yourself. You may be able to find what might be a potential issue with the car by doing a VIN lookup. 

5. What is the warranty coverage?

Warranties are pretty prevalent within car dealerships. Warranties are beneficial for both the car and its owner in the long run. Although not all used cars will come with a warranty, it is still worth asking about it.

6. Can I have some time to think about it?

It is important that you feel comfortable when closing a deal on your brand new car. If you feel unsure or uncomfortable in making the purchase, then you should request extra time from the dealership. Car sales events may appear to last only a few days, but they will be available for much longer than they may seem. Make sure that you let your auto dealer that you will get in touch with them in a few days - almost always the offer will still be available.


It is never a bad idea to be cautious when purchasing a car. After all, it is a massive purchase decision. Never be afraid to ask questions and collect all the information that you need to make your decision easier. Be prepared with a list of questions that you may want to ask your dealership! 

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