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The Most Fuel-Efficient 4x4 Cars in Australia

10 October 2023 AutoMarket, Tips & Advice

The Australian landscape undeniably offers an abundance of adventure. In order to conquer these thrill-filled terrains, you’ll need a tough and durable vehicle. And this is where the perfect 4x4 cars come in!

While a 4x4 does offer the best driving experience in extreme environments, the pressing question remains in regard to fuel efficiency. But thankfully, some Australian 4x4s provide a solution to this specific problem. 

Read along and find out what are the most fuel efficient 4x4s in Australia. You might just stumble across the perfect companion for your next adventure!

What are 4x4 cars? 

4x4 Cars

A 4x4 is the shortened term referring to four wheel drive (4WD) cars, also known as all wheel drive. All four wheels of the vehicle are powered simultaneously and provide improved traction and stability, particularly for off-road, slippery, or challenging areas. 

Depending on the terrain, power can be distributed equally to all four wheels, the front or rear ones, and sometimes between individual wheels. This feature enables the vehicle to smoothly drive through tough road conditions.  

Are 4x4 cars fuel efficient?

4x4 Cars - photo of a car getting fuel


Despite being powerful, 4x4 cars are seldom considered fuel efficient. Here are some reasons why: 

Additional weight

4x4 systems often add weight to the vehicle due to the extra drivetrain components, which can lead to increased fuel consumption.

Larger tyre size

4x4s demand more power to propel four tyres and put more pressure on the engine to push through irregular surfaces, which subsequently results in increased fuel consumption.  

Rolling resistance

Rolling resistance is the unseen force applied to all tyres to ensure they rotate smoothly on varying terrains. With 4x4s demanding more power, more fuel is consumed. 

The most fuel efficient 4x4 Cars in Australia

Despite these flaws, these Australian 4x4s passed the test and have proven themselves terrain ready while preserving their fuel efficiency. Let's count them down! 

Suzuki Jimny 

4x4 Cars - Suzuki Jimny

Looking for a cheaper and more fuel efficient offroader? You must check out the Suzuki Jimny, which you can grab for $30,360! 

At first look, it doesn't seem like the typical tough offroad vehicle. But if you learn more about its 40L fuel tank and its 6.4 L/100km fuel consumption, it must convince you! 

It may not seem like your typical 4x4 vehicle at first glance but its 40L tank and 6.4L/100km fuel consumption will make this a worthy contender!

The only downside would be that due to its smaller size, the boot won’t be as spacious as other 4x4 options. Regardless, if you are into compact but equally tough rides that won’t break the bank in terms of fuel consumption, this should be a prime choice to consider!

Jeep Compass Trailhawk 

4x4 Cars - Jeep Compass Trailhawk 

Priced at $59,100 (before on-road costs), this Jeep 4x4 also boasts efficient fuel consumption. 

Powered by its 2.0-litre four cylinder turbo diesel engine, its claimed fuel efficiency rates are at 6.9L/100km travelled. That’s a lot of distance covered without using up too much fuel!

It is also available in a larger model equipped with tech and safety features to enhance your driving experience. 

4x4 Cars - Land Rover Discovery S D300

Being fuel efficient and spacious are definitely the top qualities you aim for in the ideal offroader. Thankfully, this seven seater Land Rover Discovery ticks all those boxes!

Running at an efficient 7.5L per 100 km travelled through its 3.0-litre six cylinder turbo diesel engine, it also gives off a luxurious feel while taking on tough road conditions. 

While its $109,350 price tag seems quite hefty, it's not a bad deal considering what you're getting from this seasoned Land Rover offroader. 

Land Rover Defender 110 D300 SE

4x4 Cars - Land Rover Defender 110 D300 SE

Another Land Rover lands on our list – the Defender 110! And it could be the one you're most familiar with. 

While its 7.6L/100km fuel consumption is assisted by its larger fuel tank (89 L), its offroad performance has made a mark among 4x4 enthusiasts around the country, just like all Land Rover offroaders. 

Despite its overwhelming markup price of $115,880, its efficient off-road driving makes this the best choice. 

Toyota Fortuner 

4x4 Cars - Toyota Fortuner 

This typical Toyota 4x4 vehicle, Fortuner made it on our list!

Using just 7.6L/100km, you can definitely say the Fortuner is fuel efficient, as it's powered by its 2.8-litre four cylinder turbo diesel. 

The space and handling are also comfortable compared to its fellow Toyota offroad counterparts like the Prado and the LandCruiser. Priced at $53,775, it’s also the perfect choice for family rides. 


Ready to conquer the terrains? 

With the vast Australian landscape calling out to us, having a reliable and durable vehicle to conquer these unexplored depths is crucial. Through this selection of fuel efficient 4x4 cars, we hope to provide you with everything you need to enjoy your next great adventure. 

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