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Road Rules to Remember Every Day

19 August 2020 AutoMarket, Tips & Advice

So, you’ve passed your test and got your driving license. But how likely are you to continue to drive at test standard? The reality is, we all become more relaxed on the road after our driving test. While some of this is only natural, it’s also important to be wary of picking up too many bad habits. The rules of the road exist for a reason. If drivers get too lax about them, accidents happen. So, in the interest of safety, know your road rules. Here are some of the most important ones to follow.

Road signs

No Stopping. The only exception to this road rule is if you encounter an emergency.

No Parking. You can’t leave your car parked in the area but you can load and unload passengers.

Bus Zone. Mind your own lane, this one’s for the big boys of the road.

Loading and Unloading Zone. This zone is reserved for vehicles that drop off goods for businesses such as trucks, utes, wagons and vans. Passenger cars like SUVs, sports vehicles and sedans are generally not allowed here, and if caught, you’ll have to explain what you’re loading or unloading.

Clearways. This area is essentially for public vehicle transport - buses, minibuses, and taxis - to pick up and drop off passengers.

Australian traffic rules

1. Before turning the ignition on, don’t forget to wear your seat belt.

2. If there is more than one lane ahead, always use the leftmost one.

3. When traveling on a highway, stay in the left lane unless you’re planning on overtaking. If there are more than two lanes going in the one direction, stay on one of the left lanes.

4. At T intersections, right of way is given to motorist who is driving straight through.

5. When entering and crossing intersections, normally you should defer to the car on your right unless that car is stopped by either a STOP or YIELD sign.

6. Avoid beeping your horn. This is acceptable only in emergency situations like needing to warn another car when it’s about to hit you.

7. If your alcohol level is beyond .05, do not get behind the wheel.

8. Take note of the speed limit on certain roads. On country roads and highways, normal speed limit is 100km/hr (62mph) or 110km/hr (68mph). Built-up residential areas tend to have a speed limit of 60km/hr (35mph), however, there have been changes in the suburbs of Brisbane and Sydney wherein the speed limit has been reduced to 50km/hr.


The road is a dangerous place as it is. If nobody followed these road rules, it would be chaos. Protect yourself and others, and stay focused and alert when behind the wheel. Let’s make a collective effort to remember these road rules, and make the road a safer place.