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Tips to Create Car Ads that Sell

29 July 2019 AutoMarket, Tips & Advice

Potential car buyers respond better to a car listing that is thoughtfully written, helpful and explanatory. So it is important to write your car ad like a chapter in a book. The best way to attract serious buyers is through an engaging and compelling story line. 

When creating a listing for your car, it should stand out so it does not get dwarfed by other car ads. To maximise your car`s selling potential, we`ve outlined some of the most important factors you should consider when creating a car ad that sells.


Car Listing Tip #1: Provide A Detailed Description

It’s important to include accurate and thorough detail about your car such as – year, make, model, trim, body style, kilometers, transmission type, colour, number of doors, features and fuel type.

All of this information impacts the value of the car. A detailed description gives a potential buyer a better understanding of whether the car is what they’re specifically looking. Including a detailed description will also save you time later, by reducing the amount of questions a buyer might have.


Car Listing Tip #2: Highlight Features

What makes your car more interesting and valuable than other cars? To set your car apart from other sellers, focus on increasing it's value by highlighting special features. Here are some examples of information which can make a car ad standout:

  • An Accident free vehicle
  • Upgrades and modifications: sound systems, wheels, paint protection, sunroof, seat warming or tinted windows.
  • Information about the original owner
  • Non-smoker vehicle
  • Good mileage
  • Service history
  • Well-maintained vehicle


Car Listing Tip #3: Be Honest

When you highlight the good things, you also have to be upfront with the issues your car has to avoid setting false expectations or misleading a buyer. These issues may include breakdowns, mechanical problems, past accidents, damage on the interior or exterior and other concerns. It also limits the buyer from negotiating to a lower price since you’ve laid out both the good and the bad from the start.


Car Listing Tip #4: Explain your Asking Price

Include your asking price in your description and let buyers know where you stand on the price. If you’re not open to haggling, include a `non-negotiable` term after the price. But if you`re open to offers or need a quick sell, add phrases such as `best offer`, `price negotiable` or 'open to negotiation'. 


Car Listing Tip #5: Post High Quality Pictures

A car listing with no photo's is less likely to attract potential buyers. A car listing with low-quality photos may push potential buyers away. So to attract buyers and guarantee a quick sale, show off your car in the best way by including high-quality pictures in your ad. A picture is worth a thousand words and car listing is no exception to that mantra. How can you capture your car`s best angle?

Here are a few tips to help:

  • Give your car a thorough wash and clean inside and out before taking any photos
  • Shoot in a nice, soft light to make your car`s colour pop, the chrome shine and glass sparkle.
  • When taking a full-body shot of the car, choose an area with a nice background. This gives a good image of the seller and the car itself.
  • If your car has dents, scratches or damage, make sure to mention this in the ad.
  • Show all sides and angles of the car as well as the important features and modifications for the buyers to see.


Car Listing Tip #6: Provide Warranty Information

If your car is still under warranty, it helps to include this in your listing. List the type of coverage it has and for how long. If it`s transferable and requires a transfer fee, mention if it`s already included in your asking price or if the buyer has to shoulder the fee. Also, be sure to secure the necessary documents.


Car Listing Tip #7: Explain Why You`re Selling The Car

Naturally, your buyers will be asking why you’re selling the car so to save you time, include the reason for selling in your ad. Avoid phrases that might be a turn-off like `need a better car` or `not practical to use`.

Now that you`ve created your car listing, it`s time to decide where to post your listing. There are many vehicle online classified ads where you can place your ad to achieve the best reach and visibility. In choosing which site to post your ad, consider the site`s reach, placement, cost and running time. Some sites offer a free listing, but with limited exposure. You can also considering a fee for maximum exposure and to expedite a quick sale.

With winning ad content, you are now ready to sell your car in record time.

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