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Top 5 Australia's Most Economical Cars (Infographic)

9 February 2024 AutoMarket, Tips & Advice

Naturally, cars are expensive to buy and maintain. This is especially true when considering their fuel consumption, which can become costly over time.  Where distances are vast and fuel efficiency matters, driving economical cars is your best bet.

Good thing we've compiled here the top economical cars in Australia to ease your worries! These cars offer the same quality features and driving experience but stand out in one aspect—their exceptional fuel efficiency!

Join the ride, and keep an eye out for your next road companion.

Why choose economical cars?

These cars offer more than just their cost-effectiveness. Find out why they are a great choice.

Compact to subcompact size

Small but terrible. That sums up the essence of economical cars.

Despite its subcompact size, it's still packed with the same driving power as its bigger counterparts. Its compact dimensions offer an advantage as it can be easily maneuvred and parked, even in tight spaces.

A low base price

The key factor contributing to its economic value is that economical cars are sold at lower price tags. This appeals to car enthusiasts aiming to reduce additional driving expenses.

While prices nowadays are higher than they were a few years ago, economical cars have greatly improved in that time while retaining their cheap but effective value. That validates the increase, making it reasonable.

Low maintenance and operating costs

Another advantage of choosing an economical car is that since they're small, they require little maintenance, reducing your costs.

They're also reliable on the road, which means that even if you encounter engine or driving problems, you can easily handle them stress-free. 

The best cars for fuel economy

Economical cars are well-known for their fuel economy. This means they consume less fuel while travelling the same distance compared to other cars. 

Given that fuel expenses comprise a significant portion of your car-related spending, economical cars offer your finances a lifeline by reducing fuel consumption while ensuring you reach your destination. 

Small but powerful engine

A smaller engine necessitates less fuel for operation, thereby ensuring improved gas mileage for your car.

Australia's most economical cars 

And now, let’s unveil the top five most economical cars in the country, right? View them all in the infographic below:

Infographic - Top 5 Australia's Most Economical Cars

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