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Top 5 Electric Vehicle Apps for Owners

24 October 2023 AutoMarket, Tips & Advice

When you're out and about with your electric vehicle (EV), your biggest worry is whether you can find a near-by charging station. Unlike petrol stations which you can find everywhere, these are harder to locate. 

But the solution lies in the smartphone you’re holding! 

There are now several EV charging apps available, which can help you locate the nearest EV charging station. Now, powering up is only a few clicks away!

Today, we're counting down 5 of the best EV charging apps currently available in Australia, so you can plan your next trip without worries about where to charge up your electric vehicle!

Get these Electric Vehicle App on your Phones!

Electric Vehicle App - image of a man holding a phone with EV app

A Better Route Planner (ABRP) 

A Better Route Planner (ABRP) is primarily a navigational app. But it has added a feature to locate every EV charging station on the road and help you find the nearest one. It's much like Google Maps for EVs! 

What makes this even more efficient is its ability to pinpoint charging locations once you’ve provided details about your EV. These include the model, starting point, and destination. To top it off, it also considers factors that could affect your travel, like terrain and weather conditions. 

The ABRP's built-in EV charging assistance feature can also inform you about the duration needed to fill up and how long your vehicle can last on the road, cutting down on your worries. 

Download their app on both Android and IOS, or access their website for free at


PlugShare is another navigational app that can provide you real-time locations of EV charging stations, and the routes leading to them. 

Aside from that, you can also filter the map by your car's charger type, so you can find the best charging station that works for your EV. It's a huge help especially if you aren’t driving a Tesla. 

Because this is also a community-powered app, it can also provide authentic reviews and reports from its users about charging stations. You can check in advance if a certain station is working by browsing through recent feedback. It can also provide reports on whether the plugs are working or how long their EVs are charged up in that station. 

PlugShare app can be downloaded for free on Android and iOS and you can also access their website at


ChargeFox is another EV charging app available in Australia. With its claim as the country's largest EV charging network, it can help you locate one of the 1,400 plugs across the country. 

Furthermore, it can locate the nearest charging stations fit for your car, whether it needs a standard DC (22kW), a fast charge (50kW), or an ultra-rapid fast charge (350kW). It can also tell you how much it costs, giving you an idea of your possible expenses before plugging in.

They have also partnered with several EV carmakers like Audi, Mercedes-Benz, and Nissan so if you drive one of these EVs, you can receive free or discounted charging! 

Download the ChargeFox app on both Android and iOS and confidently take the road with your EV! 


Evie is one of the new emerging EV charging networks in Australia. It has recently upgraded its app with helpful features to find the best charging station for your electric vehicle. 

Updated in July 2023, the Evie app now includes: 

  • vehicle compatibility
  • starting and stopping a charging session
  • busy times for a charging station
  • payment methods for charging stations
  • customer service support

Find the new Evie app on your Android or iOS device (Apple App Store and Google Play Store). 


Known as a road-sharing app, Waze has expanded its reach and can now be used to track possible charging stations around Australia. 

Harnessing the power of crowdsourcing, it uses and verifies reports from users about these EV charging stations, which they can utilise to provide updated information on their app. 

Just like most of the apps here, you can also find stations specific to your EV's charging needs and determine its charging time. And, since Waze is owned by Google Maps, getting to the nearest station is now easier thanks to its Maps connectivity. 

It’s also downloadable via Google Play for Android and the App Store for Apple, so check it out! 


Charge it up with these electric vehicle apps! 

Charging up your electric vehicle has never been easier with these various EV charging apps available with a click on your smartphone! 

And for more car tips and intel, our Car Research section can charge you up with the info you need! Visit for more!