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Top 5 Fastest Hatchbacks in Australia Right Now

26 February 2024 AutoMarket, Tips & Advice

Hatchbacks are currently racing down the fast lane, or should we say the speedy lane?

Traditionally not associated with speed, hatchbacks have undergone an identity change recently. With car manufacturers introducing hatchbacks that can rival similarly fast cars, the race for the title of the fastest hatchbacks on Australian roads is definitely on!

Brace yourselves as we introduce you to the top five fastest hatchbacks, setting the Australian streets ablaze!

Know more about how fast they are, and what makes them your ideal choice! 

A quick disclaimer: The speed of these hatchbacks is measured based on their 0-100 km acceleration time.

Mercedes-AMG A35

Top Five Fastest Hatchbacks in Australia - Mercedes AMG A35

Zooming onto our list is the Mercedes-AMG A35, which can speed up from 0-100 km/h in just 4.7 seconds! 

But there’s more to this hatchback than just its blazing speed. It’s mainly powered by a 2.0-litre four-cylinder single-turbo engine, and with its seven-speed dual-clutch auto and all-wheel drive system, this swift performer ensures a smooth driving experience.

Its rapid performance is paired with its bustling physique, from its standout sporty exterior to an interior full of surprises. Does a practical five-seater hatch with enough space and an excellent infotainment system satisfy your driving senses? 

While it might come with a hefty price tag, if you're in for a high-speed ride and everything else, this could be your car to run away with! 

Mercedes-AMG A45 S

Top Five Fastest Hatchbacks in Australia - Mercedes AMG A45

If the previous one didn't quite ignite your excitement, here's another Mercedes-AMG offering that might just satisfy your need for speed. How about trying out the A45S?

Dubbed as its closest sibling, the A45S outpaces its older counterpart, the A35, by a second in the 0-100 km/h race, clocking in at 3.9 seconds. And it's made possible by the breakthrough four-cylinder turbocharged engine, pumping out at 310kW/500Nm. Those are some feisty sports car figures all compacted in a hatchback!

To top it off, AMG also enabled it with an all-wheel drive to adeptly handle the challenges of the road. Talk about speed that knows where it's headed!

Design-wise, it still keeps up with the A35, with a modern look and cut along the exterior. 

The interior and cabin are equally impressive, exuding a refreshed ambiance and spirit.

Audi RS3 Sportback

Top Five Fastest Hatchbacks in Australia - Audi RS3 Sportback

Audi's contender in this hatchback race is just a fraction of a second faster than our previous hatch, clocking in at 3.8 seconds. However, everything else in it will leave you thoroughly impressed on its tracks.

It now features a five-cylinder engine that produces 298kW/500Nm, making it run faster than most hatchback rivals. 

This Audi hatchback also comes equipped with an all-wheel drive and a torque splitter to enhance acceleration and facilitate drifting. Now that's a hatchback that combines sensible speeding with performance!

Lastly, the sporty-looking exterior and practical interior make this ride worth a try. 

MG4 XPower 

Top Five Fastest Hatchbacks in Australia - MG4 XPower

Taking power to the next level? Electric hatchbacks are now taking the lead, with the MG4 XPower proudly carrying a name that aptly describes itself.

This hot hatch can accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in just 3.8 seconds. Underneath the surface, this beast of a hatchback is propelled by a duo of electric motors, providing an impressive 320 kW/600Nm boost. It's like maneuvering a rocket on the road!

What makes this even more impressive is it's a bargain for a top-speed hatchback. With a price tag of $59,900 before driving costs, it truly offers excellent value for the money.

Hyundai Ioniq 5 N

Top Five Fastest Hatchbacks in Australia - Hyundai Ioniq 5 N

And let's welcome, the fastest of them all, the Hyundai Ioniq 5 N! And if you missed it, this hatchback was Top Gear's Car of the Year 2023.

A testament to how far hatchback technologies have come, this hatchback's dual-motor electric powertrain can drive from 0-100 km/h in just 3.4 seconds. Its all-wheel offering boasts a 448kW/740Nm performance. 

And there's more! It also has a short boost that runs up to 478 kW/770 Nm. That's faster than most hatchbacks at full speed! 

This model defines a distinct category of electric vehicles that prioritise the driver's experience and deliver high-performance like never before.


Which of these hatchbacks will you take with you for a thrilling ride?

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