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Top 5 Most Reliable Used Family Cars in Australia

14 July 2023 AutoMarket, Tips & Advice

On the hunt for reliable used family cars for your growing brood? Choosing a used family car seems to be a more practical option off-late, but there are serious considerations to take into account. After all, it’s no longer just you and your partner, there are other family members, including little ones, and their safety should always be a priority.

Cargo space, seats, reliability, fuel efficiency, and safety features are some of the factors to take into account while selecting a reliable used car for your family. With hundreds of used cars available in the market, you need to make sure which ones are best aligned with your family’s needs. 

We just simplified the process for you with some tips and top picks for the most reliable used family cars in Australia.

We hope you find your family’s ideal car here!

Factors to consider when checking out used family cars:

1. ANCAP safety rating. Safety is always your first priority when picking your ideal family car. To guide you through, check out the ANCAP ratings for the used family car you’d like to avail. 

The Australasian New Car Assessment Ratings (ANCAP) measure a car’s safety performance in the event of a collision. The number of stars indicate the level of safety performance a used family car has.

Needless to say, the best option here is to opt for a family car with a 5-star ANCAP rating. They offer maximum safety performance and technologies to prevent road accidents, putting your family’s safety as a top priority.

2. Cargo and storage space. Knowing how much space a car has is a factor to consider in searching for your ideal family used car. 

As your family engages into leisurely strolls, your car will surely be packed with almost everything – from luggages to picnic boxes. Furthermore, the seats must also pass the test. 

Choosing a family car with ample storage space and good seating capacity definitely has its  advantages.

3. Consider SUVs and people-movers. Apart from the space, it’s also important to decide on a car that can take your family to numerous places comfortably and with good driving visibility. 

And that is exactly what SUVs and people-movers can do. SUVs provide you with a better view of traffic as its height allows you to navigate through people and car goers with more clarity. 

Meanwhile, people-movers, as its name suggests, can carry a larger amount of passengers at a time. If your kids and their friends come along for a ride, you’ll serve as their driver, and you would want to make sure that you have a car that can take them to places easily and comfortably.

4. Cars with top-shelf tech. Oftentimes, parking is a nuisance especially when you have kids whining all over. It’s already distracting, and could lead to serious accidents. 

Thankfully, most used cars are equipped with high-level technologies to aid with parking and driving. If your chosen car has quality reversing cameras, radar cruise controls, and lane assist, you’ve found yourself an ideal ride for your family. 

5. Fuel type and efficiency. Regularly using your car to drive to work or school will naturally result in a larger consumption of fuel which can be quite costly in the long run. 

The ideal car should allow you to commute more while spending less by being fuel efficient.

6. Extended factory warranty. You car will likely need maintenance down the line, and we understand the fear that your warranty may not cover it. 

A five-year warranty with unlimited miles is the best option for family cars, even the used ones and will put your mind at ease.


So what types of used cars meet all these criteria? Listed below are top 5 used family cars that match every family’s needs. 

Mazda CX-5 1st Gen (2012-2017)

Used Family Cars - Mazda CX-5 1st Gen (2012-2017)

Safety is the name of the game for Mazda, and that’s exactly what the CX-5 lives up to. 

Equipped with several safety features like Dynamic Stability Control, Electronic Brake Force Distribution, and Emergency Brake Assist, your family’s safety on the road is assured. Additionally, its smooth driving transition and fold-down seats for extra space guarantees a smooth and comfortable ride. 

Toyota RAV4 3rd Gen XA30 (2006-2012)

Used Family Cars - Toyota RAV4 3rd Gen XA30 (2006-2012)

Car space is a necessity for most Aussie families, and this long-time road favourite should be on top used used family cars list – the Toyota RAV4 3rd Gen. 

This vehicle flaunts a spacious interior, off-road reliability, fuel efficiency, and great safety ratings. You could easily mistake this SUV for an off-roader at first glance but it remains a reliable option for any type of road. 

Hyundai Tucson (2015)

Used Family Cars - Hyundai Tucson (2015)

Hyundai Tucson is another option you should consider. 

Apart from its spacious interior, the seats are adaptable and meet the comfort of both adults and kids. 

Additionally, its turbo-diesel, turbo-petrol options, paired with a four-cylinder engine, guarantees lower fuel consumption. Hyundai Tucson also provides a great number of safety features.

Holden Equinox (2018)

Used Family Cars - Holden Equinox (2018)

Powered by a 188kW engine, this medium-sized SUV is also one of the best choices for a family-safe car. Its reversing camera, automatic headlights, and touchscreen console, make this a great choice. It also comes equipped with large storage space for your picnics and weekend getaways.

Honda CRV 3rd Gen (2007-2011)

Used Family Cars - Honda CRV 3rd Gen (2007-2011)

If versatility is one of the qualities you are seeking, then the Honda CRV is a definite top contender among Aussie's reliable used family cars.

Filled with cargo space and comfortable seats, its exterior boasts a contemporary design that will undoubtedly stand out among others on the road. 

It also has smart driver visibility, enabling you to have a distanced vision and avoid any potential obstacles. Honda CRV is a small but terrific SUV fit for any family. 


Have you already made your choice? We hope you did! 

We’re sure your family will be thrilled to drive their newly purchased car for those upcoming weekend trips, school routes, and whatever journeys that await.  

How do you get started? Thankfully, Motor Matcher has a wide selection of used family cars, including all the ones mentioned above. Drive your next family car with just a few clicks at