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Top 6 Safest Car Colours

5 September 2023 AutoMarket, Tips & Advice

When selecting a new car, a lot of thought and consideration goes to car performance, fuel efficiency, style, and features. And then there are different car colours to choose from.

While the impact of car colour on safety may not be definitive, there are certain choices that can enhance visibility and potentially contribute to safer driving. You may want to think about this. 

Whether you have a preference for iridescent white or hot pink, here are a few of the safest car colours to keep you worry-free on the road. 

High-visibility colours 

There's a reason why most road signs are bright in colour - they're bright and highly visible to any driver on the road. The same goes for your actual vehicle. 

Colours like white, yellow, and orange tend to stand out on the road more regardless of what the conditions are. These colours improve your visibility and reduce the risks of accidents. 

Reflective properties

Driving in the dark is an arduous task, and most of the time, a risky one. But with reflective colours, those risks are lessened. 

Shiny silver or light grey can provide an added layer of safety thanks to their reflective properties. Your vehicle is more visible at night or in low-light environments. 

Considering the driving environment

While the following infographic lists down the safest car colours, there's more you should know. 

It also advises us to take into account the surroundings where we drive. A dark-coloured car may blend in better at night, whereas a white car may be less noticeable in snowy weather. Understanding the contrast between the colour of your car and the surrounding environment will assist you in making an informed decision. 

Safety beyond colours

Certain colours may play a role in your safety but do not guarantee it entirely. 

It's important to note that other safety features and practices are just as important. Advanced driver-aid technologies, good maintenance, adhering to traffic laws, and practising defensive driving are all important parts to consider asides from colour.

What are the safest car colours? 

With that being said, here are the top 6 safest colours for your next car! 

The following infographic provides valuable insight into what the safest car colours are, serving as a useful guide for your next car. But before we get there, let's uncover why these car colours are the safest. 

Infographic - Safest Car Colours

When you're ready to embark on your car search, keep this infographic in mind to help you make an informed decision about the colour of your future vehicle. 

And you may find just that at Motor Matcher, your online hub for your next car. Whatever colour it is, our online car classified has the most efficient and safest cars for you!