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Ultimate Checklist To Get Your Car Ready For Road Trips

11 November 2019 AutoMarket, Tips & Advice

The sun is up. The coast is waiting. The outback is ready. How about your car? Is it ready to hit the roads this summer?

Make sure it’s operating at its best before heading for an adventure. Learn from our ultimate checklist below and get you car ready for road trips in no time: 

Road Trips Checklist #1: Coolant  

Beware of coolant leaks. You can usually smell it while you’re car is running and the engine is warm. If it smells sweet, you likely have a coolant leak. Or you can also check your engine-oil dipstick for traces of yellow or green streaks.

Checklist #2: Oil Condition

Oil is very critical in every car’s engine. You don’t need to be a car expert to know that oil should be changed every 5,000 – 10,000kms or every 6 months. If your oil is already within that range, get it checked or changed right away.

Checklist #3: Belt, Hoses, and Timing Belt

To ensure a smooth ride during your road trip, check whether your belt, hoses and timing belt are in great condition. Any trouble signs such as visible cracking in your belt and fluid leaking from the hose can possibly ruin your planned adventure.

Checklist #4: Battery

Make sure to check your battery. There’s nothing worse than to have your car towed in the middle of your road trip because of battery failure.

Checklist #5: Gas

You could always refill your gas along the way but to avoid the hassle, remember to fill your gas tank when you’re about to start your trip.

Checklist #6: Air Filter

The roads ahead may get dirty. This is where air filters become a necessity to prevent dust or debris from entering your car’s engine and interior. However, just like any other filters, they can get clogged. Which will affect your engine’s performance and fuel economy. So have your air filters checked first and see if they need replacements.

Checklist #7: Windshield

When on a road trip, you’d want to see where you’re going and the sceneries around. A clean windshield makes it all possible. Clean them inside and out, fix any broken traces and add windshield washer fluid into your reservoir.

Checklist #8: Brakes

Have your brakes checked by a mechanic for a full check-up including the master cylinder, calipers, wheel cylinders and brake lines.

Checklist #9: Tires

Tires are paramount to your car’s overall driving condition. When going for a road trip, it’s essential to check their condition for safety, comfort and fuel efficiency. Take note that underinflated tires tend to waste your gas while overinflated tires makes your ride less compliant. Additionally, equip your car with the necessary tools so you’ll be ready in times of emergency.

Checklist #10: Light Bulbs

Make sure to check your light bulbs if they are working perfectly at all angles and turns. Get them spotlessly clean to improve your lighting considerably. Also, check for burnt out lights to avoid getting pulled over on a drive.

Road trips are sure worth looking forward to this summer.  Getting your car ready for road trips may be a lot of work but it’s not nearly as bad as having your road adventure get ruined by preventable car issues.

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