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Should You Buy a Used Electric Vehicle?

24 April 2023 AutoMarket, Tips & Advice

Should you buy a used electric vehicle? The short answer is, “yes”! The price and demand for new electric cars is on the rise and the price is unlikely to drop anytime soon. Sure, that’s disappointing news, but there is an alternative to buying a brand new Electric Car.  A used EV can be a great alternative solution.

But before getting your hands on a used EV, step on the brakes first! We don’t want your used EV buying journey to be a bumpy one - so here are some tips to consider before going all in for an electric roadtrip



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Used Electric Vehicle Considerations

1. Is the battery health OK? 

an icon of a used car battery

Electric vehicles rely on car batteries for continued functioning, and this should be your topmost priority when picking a used EV to drive. Just like combustion engines that become less efficient over time, car batteries also wear out as the car gets driven more over time. Several factors, such as the driving environment and temperature swings also contribute to the battery decline. 

A car dealership must give a comprehensive report on the electric car’s battery health. You can also do it on your own by charging the used electric vehicle to full capacity and comparing it to the estimated range. 

If there are issues with the car battery, check if it has a battery warranty for assurance. Always go for the energy-efficient ones and your expenses won’t go down the drain. 

2. How does its previous owner charge it up? 

an image of a person charging an electric vehicle

It’s also good to ask about how the previous owner of an EV you’re targeting is charging it. A good battery health for electric vehicles requires it to be charged on slower AC power, and the devices to use shall be three-pin home power plugs and AC wall boxes at home or at public charging. 

But public service advisory–regularly charging an EV at public DC fast charging stations stresses the battery and also leads to excessive heating, leading to its faster decline in performance. 

Also, recharging the battery–you’ll be surprised–must not always be at full level. Keeping it too low under 20% also compromises its battery health. Refer to the owner about their EV charging habits and whether they have set a charging limit, although oftentimes this is an automatic cutoff feature for most electric cars. 

3. Check the tyres to confirm if they’re tired! 

an image of a flat car tyre

If there’s a part of an EV that receives the most pressure, those are the tyres. Even with its specialised tyre models, it still wears out quicker than petrol or diesel counterparts, due to the large underfloor battery packs, heavier chassis, and oftentimes, driving behaviour. 

Know the old reliable tyre test? Use a 20-cent coin and place it on a tyre groove. If it reaches the platypus’ bill, it’s a sign that a new tyre is needed. 

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4. Is brake corrosion imminent? 

an image of a hydraulic brake

It’s a different kind of brake problem when it comes to EV, because it comes from not using them enough. Its regenerative braking feature allows it to slow down and restore the kinetic energy back to the battery. But it leaves the hydraulic brake unutilised, making it susceptible to corrosion. 

Check if the owner turns off the regen function at least once to clean the brake disc. Some models often have a built-in cleaning mode to do this, but there’s nothing bad with assuring it on your own. 

5. Approach charging plug and cables with caution! 

a person holding a charging cable for an electric vehicle

As of today, electric vehicles must be charged thru Type 2 and CCS2 charging connector types except in China and USA. But older models with outdated plug types must use an adapter when charging publicly. 

When buying a used electric vehicle, see to it that it will also include standard charging cables and adapters. Buying them separately is costly. 


Buying an electric vehicle, especially a used one, can be intimidating at first. But with a well rounded information of what you’re purchasing, a used electric vehicle can still meet your expectations. 

Or maybe it’s because you haven’t found an ideal dealer to buy yet. Motor Matcher can be your ideal dealer! Whether new or used, diesel, petrol or even the electric bad boys, we got it all for you to drive! Go ahead to and drive yourself home happy!