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The Top 5 Safest Cars for Your Kids

April 26, 2021

When it comes to choosing the best car for your family, safety usually ranks high on the priority scale. Whether you’re doing the school run or setting off on a cross-country road trip, you want to ensure your little ones are securely tucked in and protected whenever they’re travelling with you. And thanks to continuous design improvements and technological advances over the years, the cars on today’s market are more reliable than ever.


A Guide to Mindful Driving

April 06, 2021

As soon as we leave the driving test centre, we tend to gradually pick up some not-so-great driving habits. We become more lax and careless, often bending the rules to suit our whims. Even the best-intentioned among us can slip up when we get distracted by aggravating factors like heavy traffic, obnoxious fellow drivers or an incoming text. While it is probably not realistic that anybody is going to drive with the same rigidity as they did during their test, it is crucial to keep bad behaviour in check so that the road stays safe for those who occupy it.


World Car of the Year 2021 Shortlist Announced

March 22, 2021

Awards season isn’t just for showbiz, you know.


Extended Car Warranties: Are They Worth It?

March 09, 2021

Vehicle service contracts, also known as extended car warranties, can bring peace of mind to buyers. But as is the case with any purchasing decision, it’s important to do your homework before opening your wallet.


Should I Buy a Dual Cab Ute for My Business?

February 23, 2021

Dual cab utes are a common sight on construction sites. They are a tradie’s best friend thanks to their tough build and superior cargo space. These workhorses help tradies transport heavy duty loads such as tools, paint and building materials from A to B with ease. If you’re in the trade industry, investing in a dual cab ute for your business is a worthwhile endeavour for many reasons. Here’s how it can make your working life easier.


Show Your Car Some Love This Valentine’s Day

February 09, 2021

You can’t beat that new car feeling. The first few weeks after leaving the dealership are what are known as the honeymoon period. You can’t get enough of your car, and you want to show her off at every opportunity. But over time, the passion starts to fade. You start becoming careless and don’t appreciate her as much anymore. You become sloppy when it comes to driving habits, as well as maintenance. So, how do you get the spark back?


How to Stay Cool on the Road This Summer

February 02, 2021

Summer time – when the sun is shining, the temperatures soar, and our troubles seem to melt away for a few months. While you can’t beat a day at the beach or dining al fresco, the summer sun can also have its downsides. Our main gripe relates to driving in the blazing sun. We all know the feeling of easing ourselves onto a scorching hot, black leather car seat that’s been sizzling in the sun for hours. But how else does hot weather impact our car? Let’s find out.


Give Your Car a 2021 Makeover

January 18, 2021

The arrival of the New Year signifies a fresh start. What better time to give your car the makeover it deserves? The car industry is ever changing, with tons of new features and innovations being rolled out every quarter. If you’re not quite ready to trade your ride in, making some refurbishments instead can make a huge difference to the driving experience.

Drive into 2021 in style with a brand new look. Here’s where to start.


Car Preview: Chevrolet 2022 Bolt EUV

January 05, 2021

Two years ago, Chevrolet teased the possibility of a new crossover based on the Bolt EV platform. And at last, we’re excited to announce that this concept will be a reality in 2020. Introducing: the Chevy Bolt EUV.


Dual Cab Utes: Which Is Best for Me?

December 22, 2020

Are you debating purchasing a new dual cab ute but don’t know where to start? As suggested by the name, dual cabin utes have at least four seats. This extra row comes at the expense of rear cargo space, but unless you need this for a specific utilitarian purpose you probably won’t miss it. Dual cab utes are becoming a popular choice for Australians, and for many reasons. Here’s why people love them.

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