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Top 5 Popular Cars in the Australian Market

July 20, 2021

Numerous high selling cars have graced the Australian roads already. You probably see some of them on a daily basis or you might even be driving one yourself already! But what are these popular cars and what makes them popular?


Selling Your Car? Here's What You Need to Know ..

July 06, 2021

Do you need some tips when it comes to selling your car successfully? All it takes is a little planning and these top tips from the professionals.


We want to make the process of selling your car online or through dealership as painless as possible here at MotorMatcher.

Even with the endless amount of information available online, you can't just sleepwalk through a car sale.


Car Review: 2021 Hyundai Santa Fe 2.2

June 22, 2021

Motor Matcher’s car reviews are back! Last time, we did a thorough car comparison of two up-and-coming Volkswagen automobiles. This time, we came up with yet another incredible car that’s worth reviewing since this could be on your auto-sharp eyes and you could be looking to drive one - the 2021 Hyundai Santa Fe 2.2.


Novated Lease: Should I Consider It for My Staff?

June 09, 2021 novated lease

Should you offer a novated lease to your staff?

If you are looking for a way to recognise your employee’s hard work, you may probably want to offer a novated lease for them. However, the question is, when is it a smart option for you to offer this kind of a deal?



2021 Volkswagen Golf Mk8 vs 2020 Volkswagen Golf Mk7.5

Time for another car face-off. This time, the spotlight is on the all-new 2021 Volkswagen Golf Mk8 and its predecessor, the Volkswagen Golf Mk7.5. These two standout models both have a lot to offer, but which has the edge? To determine the champion, we will compare the two based on some key criteria so you can make the right choice if you’re on the fence about getting an upgrade.

Let the games begin!


The Top 5 Most Affordable Self-Parking SUVs in Australia in 2021

May 10, 2021

Parallel parking can be a nightmare. The endless back-and-forth manoeuvring as you try and squeeze into a tight space, the mounting pressure from the onlookers, the aggravated beeps from the traffic you’re holding up - it’s enough to send nervous drivers into a frenzy, so much so that many avoid the ordeal altogether. And when you’re dealing with a large car like an SUV, it’s all the more daunting.


The Top 5 Safest Cars for Your Kids

April 26, 2021

When it comes to choosing the best car for your family, safety usually ranks high on the priority scale. Whether you’re doing the school run or setting off on a cross-country road trip, you want to ensure your little ones are securely tucked in and protected whenever they’re travelling with you. And thanks to continuous design improvements and technological advances over the years, the cars on today’s market are more reliable than ever.


A Guide to Mindful Driving

April 06, 2021

As soon as we leave the driving test centre, we tend to gradually pick up some not-so-great driving habits. We become more lax and careless, often bending the rules to suit our whims. Even the best-intentioned among us can slip up when we get distracted by aggravating factors like heavy traffic, obnoxious fellow drivers or an incoming text. While it is probably not realistic that anybody is going to drive with the same rigidity as they did during their test, it is crucial to keep bad behaviour in check so that the road stays safe for those who occupy it.


World Car of the Year 2021 Shortlist Announced

March 22, 2021

Awards season isn’t just for showbiz, you know.


Extended Car Warranties: Are They Worth It?

March 09, 2021

Vehicle service contracts, also known as extended car warranties, can bring peace of mind to buyers. But as is the case with any purchasing decision, it’s important to do your homework before opening your wallet.