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New Cars To Look Forward To In 2024 (part 2)

November 21, 2023

Are you counting down the days until the release of 2024’s top Aussie new cars?

2024 promises further advancements in electrification and downsized engines, with a handful of manufacturers offering buyers an elevated experience that many Aussies are begging for. Want to find out more? We’ve got you covered.


Top 5 Electric Vehicle Apps for Owners

October 24, 2023

When you're out and about with your electric vehicle (EV), your biggest worry is whether you can find a near-by charging station. Unlike petrol stations which you can find everywhere, these are harder to locate. 

But the solution lies in the smartphone you’re holding! 


The Most Fuel-Efficient 4x4 Cars in Australia

October 10, 2023

The Australian landscape undeniably offers an abundance of adventure. In order to conquer these thrill-filled terrains, you’ll need a tough and durable vehicle. And this is where the perfect 4x4 cars come in!

While a 4x4 does offer the best driving experience in extreme environments, the pressing question remains in regard to fuel efficiency. But thankfully, some Australian 4x4s provide a solution to this specific problem. 


New Cars To Look Forward To In 2024 (Part 1)

September 26, 2023

Are you already looking forward to the new cars arriving on the Australian streets in 2024? 

Wait no more, because we've got a first peek at what’s in store for the future through this comprehensive guide to the new cars that will soon dominate the Australian car scene starting next year! 


Top 6 Safest Car Colours

September 05, 2023

When selecting a new car, a lot of thought and consideration goes to car performance, fuel efficiency, style, and features. And then there are different car colours to choose from.

While the impact of car colour on safety may not be definitive, there are certain choices that can enhance visibility and potentially contribute to safer driving. You may want to think about this. 


Are Used Car Prices Dropping in Australia this Year?

August 24, 2023

Revving up the engine of the automotive industry, Australia has always been a hub of excitement for car enthusiasts and road trippers alike. With its vast landscapes and winding coastal routes, it's no wonder Australians have a deep love affair with cars. As we return to normalcy, used car prices are expected to change in our favour. Now everyone asks,


Top 5 Most Affordable Electric Vehicles in Australia

August 09, 2023

Many of us can remember the pandemonium that scoured across Australia when fuel finally tipped the $1 per litre mark back in 2004.


9 Must-Have Car Accessories

July 27, 2023

Although Australia possesses the ideal landscape for road trips, the everyday commute can be quite lengthy, tiresome and repetitive. Which means you need extra 'companion' to make sure you have a pleasant ride.

Enter these must-have car accessories and your drive will change! From keeping you safe and focused while driving to just spicing up your ride, these car accessories can take your driving experience a notch higher.


Top 5 Most Reliable Used Family Cars in Australia

July 14, 2023

On the hunt for reliable used family cars for your growing brood? Choosing a used family car seems to be a more practical option off-late, but there are serious considerations to take into account. After all, it’s no longer just you and your partner, there are other family members, including little ones, and their safety should always be a priority.


6 Car Leasing Mistakes to Avoid

June 28, 2023

Car leasing is a great way to stay ahead of the automotive world’s latest trends and technology. It can also make upgrading to a newer vehicle more affordable. But it comes with its own set of advantages and disadvantages, and surely, you don't want to overspend because of a disregarded detail.